Name: Susan Haviland
Volunteer: Wildlife Conservation Corps (NJ Fish & Wildlife), NJ Audubon Society
Survey Area: GBB WMA, Tuckerton, NJ
Current Project: Shorebird Survey

I have had the privilege of surveying GBB WMA for the Shorebird Survey Project since the project started in Fall 2004.

Great Bay Boulevard Wildlife Management Area is located in Tuckerton, NJ. Locally the area is known as “7 Bridges Road”. The WMA is approximately a 5 - 6 mile stretch of paved road that spans 5 bridges and 5,504 acres of marshland. The vast marshlands can be viewed from both sides of the road. From the 1st pedestrian bridge one has a great view of Little Egg Harbor. As you continue south on GBB there are views of Great Bay, Little and Big Sheepshead Creek. At the end of GBB is Rutgers University Marine Field Station and a small sandy beach that looks out on Great Bay, Little Egg Inlet, Atlantic City, Brigantine, the south end of Long Beach Island and the Atlantic Ocean. GBB WMA is a great area to go bird watching any time of the year as there is always something to see.

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Shorebirds common to GBB
(not in any specific order)
Semipalmated Plovers
Semipalmated Sandpipers
Least Sandpipers
Black Bellied Plovers
American Oystercatchers
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs
Short- and Long-Billed Dowitchers
Ruddy Turnstone