Barnegat Light / Barnegat Inlet 1/07/08

Monday, Jan. 7th, 2008. 12:30pm to 3pm. Mostly sunny, low 60's, 7-9mph SW winds. BI HT: 6:35am, BI LT: 1:17pm.

My friend & I spent a few hours along the inlet jetty of Barnegat Light yesterday. Quite a few people were taking advantage of the nice weather & were out visiting the BL/BI area.

We took photos of most of what we saw, however the RB Merg's were too far out in the inlet for our camera lens.

BL/BI Flash Slideshow:


For our time frame & just along the jetty & ocean beach area we saw the following:
Harlequin ducks (M's & F's ~ = #'s) (~ 15-20)
Red-breasted Mergansers (6, 3 M, 3 F)
Common Loon (1)
Purple Sandpipers (~ 100)
Ruddy Turnstones (~ 50)
Sanderlings (~ 50)
Dunlin (~ 25)
Brant (10)
Gr. Blk-backed gulls (3 in flight & 1 soaking up some sun on the jetty)
Herring Gull city!
Peregrine Falcon (1)