Apr 2006

GBB April 25th pix up

If you go to Photo Albums you will find assorted shots from 4-25-06. Hopefully I'll some videos from that day up by the weekend.


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More to see @ GBB today

Today I was @ GBB WMA from 12:30pm until about 4:45pm. Sunny and warm (70's). Strong winds from the S-SW, coming off the water. It was so windy that Shooting Thorofare had white caps/all chop. Little Sheepshead Creek HT 6:51am, LT 1:21pm. Shooting Thorofare HT 6:37am, LT 12:59pm.

Low tide had mudflats along the waterways exposed. 1st sighting was 4 Willets & 4 GYL along such an exposed mudflat. The 4 GYL were feeding in the water. Willets were seen all over the marshes today & if not seen they were certainly heard. Some were feeding along marsh pools... despite being low tide the marsh pools were full from the recent rains perhaps.

Out in the brown/dry marsh grass by Rand's 7 BBP could just be seen peeking out & popping up.

Along the marsh bank of the boat ramp area (across from Rutgers' weather station) 1 AO & a group of Forster's terns.

In the shallows near the cement boat ramp (right by the Rutgers' weather station) were 3 Willets & 1 GYL. The Willets were noisy but the GYL went about it's feeding business. I have pix & video of these birds & will hopefully have these up tomorrow.

Down @ the bay beach 2 AO's and 4 BBP were spotted. The AO's can be seen often on the east side.

Just when I was on my way out & heading home a gathering of birds (roosting) caught my eye. They were located north of Rands' & south of Cape Horn Marina, on the east side of the road. This group consisted of BBP, SBD's & Dunlin. ~ 20 BBP, ~ 10 SBD & ~ 60 Dunlin. Some of the BBP were starting to show black filling in on the belly. Some of the Dunlin had the distinctive rufous back & black belly. The SBD had their brightest rufous coloring up on their necks & noticeable spotted under-parts.

Check back later for pix and vids!

Eastern Meadowlark in our yard!

My husband & and I are fortunate enough to have almost 4.5 acres with a variety of terrain. We have a natural spring out back that runs a very narrow stream (3ft wide) which is basically surround by a cedar swamp. We have a few small vernal pools and 2 small marshes. We have several acres of open grassland. We have pines, oaks and some thicket type areas. So we are fortunate to see a wide variety of birds pass over, pass through and visit, and of course those that stay. Every year we seem to come across a species that we haven't seen here yet and today was such a day. From late afternoon til present time we have been watching a lone Eastern Meadowlark in our grassy field area. It has spent this time mostly feeding on the ground with the occasional perch up in a tree to sun and preen.

Click the links below for video and photos of today's visitor.
EM movie 1
EM movie 2
EM photos

Barnegat Light, fencing of beach nesting areas

I'd like to say thank you to my nephew Ronny & the members of his scout troop, Troop 65 of Manahawkin, that participated with him this past Saturday (April 15th) as they volunteered their services to help with the Barnegat Light fencing project to protect shorebird beach nesting areas. When I heard of the need for help with this project I thought it would be a good project as well as a great learning experience for a scout troop. I'd also like to thank my sister Lisa and brother-n-law Ron (scout leader), as I passed the information on to them, they got the project rolling for the scout troop and saw it through.

Thanks again to all involved!

Photo Album courtesy of Lisa & Troop 65 of Manahawkin.