Aug 2007

Good Article on Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Click on the link below & it'll take you to an article by Clay & Pat Sutton...

"An August Blizzard of Hummingbirds"



BirdLife International article: Contributing factors sought as Red Knot population plummets

Malibu Beach

I wasn't out on any 'official' shorebird counting but had an
appointment near by Malibu Beach & decided to take a short walk along
the blvd (beacuse MB is a posted/restricted beach) & see what
birds were on the sod banks since it was low tide. I couldn't help but
notice that the OC end of MB had plenty of people & dogs... I'm
guessing this area has been given to them? Anyway, lots of
Semipalmated sandpipers (SPS) (100's), Ruddy T's & Semipalmated
Plovers mixed in the groups of SPS, a few Black-bellied Plovers & 1
Amr. Oystercatcher. I didn't have a scope with me so I wasn't able to
scan the group for other species.




AC Press article: Piping plover pairs thrive, but not in N.J.

Piping plover pairs thrive, but not in N.J.