Feb 2006

Added podcast episode

Last week I added a 2nd episode to the Shorebird Survey Podcast. It gives an overview of what the survey is & who is involved. For more info on what Podcasts are and how to subscribe click the link below...

Podcast now available in iTunes Music Store

As of today one can find the Shorebird Survey Podcast when searching in Apple's iTunes Music Store. One can find it by clicking Podcast, Browse and then typing in haviland, birding, shorebird or citizen science (and a few other keywords) in the search window.

Podcast feature has been added

Today I tested out adding podcasts to my site. Right now I just have an intro podcast up. It's quite the easy process. I have also submitted the "Shorebird Survey Podcast" to iTunes. At this point in time it is under review by Apple.

Site changed again!

Ok, the iWeb version of the site is down. I think only 4 of us ever got to view it. So now the RapidWeaver version is up & so easy to use & update! So that means fewer reasons for me to be a slacker on keeping it updated! .... yeah, we'll see!

Thanks Gerry for your help!

Another program, another look

Ok, iWeb was great for building ease & a decent looking site but the "publishing" was a pain without having a .mac site. So I'm giving RapidWeaver a spin.