Oct 2007

Final October/fall shorebird survey

Monday, Oct. 29th, 2007 I ventured out to GBB WMA for a final fall survey. The weather was nice, sunny, blue skies everywhere, breeze from the NNW and temp's in the mid 60's. I was out surveying from 1:45pm til 5:15pm.

I'm not sure if numbers are down for Great Bay Blvd. this year since I was unable to do the spring survey & have only been out for the fall survey 2x's in Sept. and 1x in Oct. However on Monday I had good numbers for GBB. These numbers are small for those who survey populated areas but in my experience of surveying GBB since 2004, Monday held a good amount of birds for GBB. Totals in 3.5 hrs for 10 different areas along GBB included: 12 BBP; a group of 43 SBD; 244 Dunlin (1 group was 178, another group was 52, the rest in smaller #'s); 37 LYL and 5 SPP.

Of other note there were small groups of brant in the marsh pools & in the thorofare along the bay beach at the end of GBB. I also saw what I think to be a Henlow's Sparrow. Sparrows and other Passerines could be seen dashing in and out of the roadside thickets along the entire GBB drive.

A Flash slideshow or photo album will be up soon.


2 NC slideshows are up.

I just put up 2 slideshows of bird pix from Frsico, NC. Sorry there isn't a great variety of species but there wasn't much to see on the beach where we were staying. There are some decent shots of some Red Knots and a Lesser Black-backed gull with a Pompano fish in it's bill. Click below for the direct links or go under "Flash Slideshows" in the side bar menu.




Back from Frisco, NC

I had the good fortune of spending a week in Frisco, NC thanks to my brother Bob and sis-n-law Vicki. We just got back last night. The entire week was summer like! There wasn't a whole lot of shorebirds along the section of beach where we stayed (just south of Frisco Pier) but I managed to get some decent pix. Check back for a slideshow or 2 of which I'm sure I'll have posted this week.


Slideshow: Sanderlings & Gulls

The slideshow of Sanderlings & Gulls can be found on the Flash Slideshow page or click on the photo below.


OC Beach, Sanderlings & Gulls

Yesterday afternoon went from gray to blue skies and sunshine on the beach in OC,NJ. Various gulls (Laughing, Great Black-backed, Ring-billed and Herring Gulls) were roosting and feeding. Groups of Sanderlings were feeding and flying by. I should have a Flash slideshow up on the site in the next few days, if not later today. Here's 2 of the photo's from yesterday.