Friday, Feb. 29th, 2008 Great Bay Blvd. & FNWR

Friday, Feb. 29th, 2008 Great Bay Blvd. Sunny, 30's, winds 5-10mph E-SE. 10:45am to 1:00pm.
Tuckerton Bay had Scaup group (too far to positively ID if Greater or Lesser), Buffleheads, RB Merg's. Throughout GBB groups of RB Merg's (a pair @ Rand's & group of 26 @ Little Sheepshead Creek). A group of 8 Hooded Merg's (4 M & 4 F) on Big Thorofare. A group of 17 (2 M & 15 F) Hooded Merg's on Big Sheepshead Creek (past Capt'n Mike's). Other species seen: ~ 7 N. Harriers over the marshes by Big Thorofare & 1 Harrier along the marshes by the beach @ Shooting Thorofare. 100's of Rusty Blackbirds. Others: Blk Duck, RB Gulls, GBB Gulls, BCC, YRWarb, TV, CAN Geese, E. Starlings, RWB's, GBH (6) & 2 Rock Doves.

Friday, Feb. 29th, 2008 FNWR Brig's. Sunny, windy, 40's->30's. 2:00pm to 4:45pm.
After extrapolating up to 5000+ Dunlin & groups taking flight constantly I'll be honest I stopped trying to count. I Monday @ Brig's I didn't see 1 shorebird but Fri had the mudflats exposed & you couldn't miss the Dunlin. Speaking of missing... I saw no Osprey, no Tundra Swans & no SEO's. I did see 4 or 6 Mute Swans (@ the same time saw 2 N side of SW Pool & 2 on Reed's Bay. Later on saw 2 N side of NW pool). Also I saw 4 Tree Swallows out over an open (non-frozen) section of the SW Pool... only found them while scanning for owls. Also saw the American Wigeon out on Perch cove, needed the scope to see them. 1 group of ~ 25 & another group further west on the cove ~ 60. I couldn't make out any Eur. Wigeons due to budget scope, heat distortion & wind. They could have been mixed in. Also on Perch Cove Brants & Buffleheads.

Other species seen: Gadwall (1M & 1F), Mallards, Blk Ducks, Pintails, N. Shov's, Hooded Merg's, CAN. Geese, Snow Geese (3 together & 1 solo), GBH (5), N. Harriers, RB Gulls, Herr Gulls, GBB Gulls, N. Card, TT, A. Rob's, RWB's & E. Starlings.