Great Bay Blvd. 10-20-08

Went to GBB to do a shorebird survey yesterday... great timing, right @ high tide (Little Sheepshead Creek HT: 1:28pm, LT: 8:22pm) .... tides were super high & many sections of the road were flooded or had water flowing across. Many turned back once they reached Rand's Marina but I drove to the end (good clearance) & I'm glad I did as there was a Pectoral Sandpiper feeding on the tiny beach @ Shooting Thorofare. Along w/ the Pectoral were 2 Ruddy T's & 2 Semipalm. Plovers. All 3 of these species were so hungry they paid no attention to the group of 4 fishermen that walked past them as well as 2 birders. So I got good looks & plenty of photos, which I'll post later.

Here’s the direct link for the GBB slideshow...

Pectoral Sandpiper

Other species seen along the blvd:
SB Dowitcher
BB Plovers
Gr. Yellowlegs
Amr. Oystercatchers

Gr Blue Herons
Gr Egrets
Snowy Egrets
Amr. Bittern
BC Night Herons
DC Cormorants
B. Kingfisher
N. Harrier
Sparrows darting in & out all over the place, I did notice Song & Sharp-tailed Saltmarsh.
YR Warblers
GC Kinglets
Car. Chickadee