Shore-birding OC & Malibu

Today I had an appointment down in Marmora so I figured I hit a few areas on my way home. So a visit to Corson's Inlet & the OC beach was first on the list. Very strong westerly winds today! I didn't see anything of interest at Corson Inlet park (along Middle Thorofare areas) but from 57th to Corson's Inlet plenty of SPP's & Sanderlings along the beach... est'd groups of 20 to 30 at ~ every street's beach. I also made a quick stop at 41st street beach, of which there were fewer Sanderlings but more people on the beach there, where as 57th to Corson's Inlet was pretty much just me.

Next I stopped at Howard Stainton Wildlife Refuge (Bay Ave. in OC). Here I found a group of 50 Black Skimmers roosting.


After HSWR I headed to Malibu Beach. Lots of Sanderlings, est'd in the mid hundreds. I wasn't out for an official survey so I didn't take an "official" estimate. There was also a group of 6 Ruddy T's & 1 AO flying by calling loudly. But the best spot of the day for me was a solo Purple Sandpiper that I came across while scope scanning through the Sanderlings. Thanks Mary for the heads up on the Purple Sandpipers being at Malibu. I only saw the 1 & I had almost left but decided to scan through the mass of Sanderlings again to see if anybody was mixed in & there it was! The Purple Sandpiper is in the pic below (click on the pic below & it'll open up the full size version).


Today's Photo Album