Forsythe 9-12 & 9-13

I took advantage of the nice weather and ventured out to Brigantine/Forsythe on Wed & Thur. 1000's of shorebirds to be seen. Thur had a group in the 1000 range of Semipalmated Plovers and Semipalmated Sandpipers. Also Gulls and Terns galore. Great and Snowy Egrets are every where. Thur had good sized groups of crows (Fish crows?). The American Avocets (3) & the American White Pelican (perched on the same log way out off the SW pool tower) were seen both days. Thur I also got to see a group of 10 Stilt Sandpipers.

Click on the photo below for Flash slide show. Below Stilt Sandpipers.