Winter's Day at Forsythe

On Tuesday my friend Jackie & I took a much needed nature outing. We headed out & took a drive around Forsythe NWR. Finally we had a day that was actually close to winter like weather. Despite the gray of the day when the sun started to set it provided some great views with awesome colors painted across the evening sky.

Our trip started off with an adult Whistling/Tundra Swan. There were plenty of ducks and Snow Geese to see on Tuesday. As always Mallards & Black Ducks in numbers but also lots & lots of Pintails. We saw groups of Hooded Mergansers. Saw a handful of Red Breasted Mergansers out on the bay & we saw 1 Common Merganser male in the East pool. The "white swirling cloud" of Snow Geese just past dusk was quite a sight to see. We also saw 3-4 groups of 25-30/group of Sanderlings in flight along the bay beach area to the marshes. Below are a few pix I took during our trip.