More to see @ GBB today

Today I was @ GBB WMA from 12:30pm until about 4:45pm. Sunny and warm (70's). Strong winds from the S-SW, coming off the water. It was so windy that Shooting Thorofare had white caps/all chop. Little Sheepshead Creek HT 6:51am, LT 1:21pm. Shooting Thorofare HT 6:37am, LT 12:59pm.

Low tide had mudflats along the waterways exposed. 1st sighting was 4 Willets & 4 GYL along such an exposed mudflat. The 4 GYL were feeding in the water. Willets were seen all over the marshes today & if not seen they were certainly heard. Some were feeding along marsh pools... despite being low tide the marsh pools were full from the recent rains perhaps.

Out in the brown/dry marsh grass by Rand's 7 BBP could just be seen peeking out & popping up.

Along the marsh bank of the boat ramp area (across from Rutgers' weather station) 1 AO & a group of Forster's terns.

In the shallows near the cement boat ramp (right by the Rutgers' weather station) were 3 Willets & 1 GYL. The Willets were noisy but the GYL went about it's feeding business. I have pix & video of these birds & will hopefully have these up tomorrow.

Down @ the bay beach 2 AO's and 4 BBP were spotted. The AO's can be seen often on the east side.

Just when I was on my way out & heading home a gathering of birds (roosting) caught my eye. They were located north of Rands' & south of Cape Horn Marina, on the east side of the road. This group consisted of BBP, SBD's & Dunlin. ~ 20 BBP, ~ 10 SBD & ~ 60 Dunlin. Some of the BBP were starting to show black filling in on the belly. Some of the Dunlin had the distinctive rufous back & black belly. The SBD had their brightest rufous coloring up on their necks & noticeable spotted under-parts.

Check back later for pix and vids!