Great Bay Blvd. on Thursday, 1-31-08

I went out to GBB on Thursday to perform a once a month winter shorebird survey... only 1 solo Lesser Yellow legs was to be seen. Despite being a quiet afternoon out at GBB there were plenty of ducks & a few other species to be seen. See list below. Slide show will be up soon.

Thur. Jan. 31, 2008; 1:30-5:30pm at Great Bay Blvd. Sunny, up'r then dropping to low 30's, light N-NE winds. Little Sheepshead Creek: LT 9:20am, HT 2:49pm. Shooting Thorofare (Lit'l Egg Inlet) LT 8:58am, HT 2:35pm.

Species seen:
-RB Mergansers, Buffleheads, Lesser (?) Scaup all out (way out there, in need of a powerful scope, not a budget 1 like mine!) in Tuckerton Bay/Little Egg Harbor.
-Yellow-rumped Warbs, Song Sparrows, C. Chickadees
-RB Gulls, Herring Gulls, GBB Gulls
-Black Ducks, Common Loon (at Rand's marina), Hooded Mergs, more RB Mergs, Horned Grebe (on various creeks along GBB)
-Fish Crows, Turkey Vultures, N. Harriers (3) (1 was feeding on a gull down at the beach)
-American Robins, E. Starlings, C. Grackles
-Great Blue Herons (3)
-Lesser Yellow legs... 1 lone shorebird in the marsh pools before Rutgers M.R.C.

- also: 1 Peregrine out on a osprey platform, along Big Thorofare, able to ID after photographic enlargement.