Malibu Beach WMA

I was at Malibu Beach WMA yesterday from around 1:45pm til 4pm. The tide was incoming but the sod banks were exposed. It was sunny, warm (mid-up’r 70’s) & a strong breeze coming off the water. The Black Skimmers are still there in big numbers... est. 800-1000. Hopefully I’ll find time to sit & count from some of the roost photos & get a % on adults & juvy’s.


The 2 different juvy age groups are still discernible. I'm not sure if it was just me or the fact that the juvy’s are bigger or that I just had a better look at the roost today but seemed like there were more juvys amongst the adults since I was there last (9-18-08). Maybe all of the above.

Other species yesterday included Amr. Oystercatchers (counted 12); a few Blk-bellied Plovers (counted 4-5); a few Dunlin & 2 roosts of Sanderlings prbly 80-100 in each roost. Also there was a roost of Herring & GBB Gulls. After looking at my photos there was another shorebird in the background of the photo... couldn’t tell for sure what it was but a guess would be a Yellowlegs.

Only other note from yesterday is that some people just don't pay attention or read signs or just don't care. As we all know all to well! As I arrived at MB WMA, which is well posted & roped off in several areas, I had to call a couple over to tell them & a 3rd person that they needed to leave this portion of the beach. They had entered from the private beach at the Seaview Harbor Marina but walked right past the roped area which has signs down to the water basically. I explained to them about the specific areas being off limits & pointed out what areas are open to human traffic. They thanked me & moved on. Although the shell collecting couple (who told me they were on their honeymoon) moved on but did not exit the restricted area. They needed a 2nd chat & me to specifically point out the roped area where they could see it. After the 2nd chat they did remove themselves from the posted & roped off area. They were cooperative & not confrontational & seemed to get it when I explained about the protected nesting & feeding birds. I certainly don't go at people with attitude but approach from the friendly & educational angle. Although who wouldn't like to on occasion yell "hey morons, get the H out of there & read the signs"! Happy I probably should have had them read the sign that clearly states fines up to $5,000 ... I figure that shell collecting on their honeymoon couldn't be worth that! Happy

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