Tuckerton Beach & Great Bay Blvd. Feb. 02-09

Yesterday I decided if it was still sunny out after I was done an appointment that I would stop in Tuckerton on my way home.

Early afternoon (~1pm) out on Tuckerton Bay-Cove/Little Egg Harbor ~ 200
Bufflehead, diving, feeding & chasing one another. A small cove along
Tuckerton Beach was still frozen over & mallards, Herring gulls & CAN Geese
took to roosting there on the ice in the bright sunshine. Boat-tailed
Grackles literally covered the roof of this 1 building as they sunned
Side note: sunny, warm, 50’s F & no wind

Great Bay Blvd was it's usual quiet self although the banks along Shooting
Thorofare had 100+ gulls.... Herring & GBB. No shorebirds to be seen the
entire length of GBB until the sod banks along Shooting Thorofare where
there was a group of 4 Blk-bellied Plovers feeding. The sod banks also had a
lot of mussels washed up on them from the high tide (High 12:47 PM).
Side Note: strong & chilling winds coming in off the water. Also marsh pools throughout GBB WMA
were a mix of ice covered & open pools.
Other species seen along GBB this afternoon (~1:30-2:30pm)
Hooded Merg's
Red-breasted Merg's
Pied-billed Grebe (solo)
Boat-tailed Grackles
Yellow-Rumped Warblers
GB Heron