Save the Horseshoe Crab, Save the Red Knot

Following info from Conserve Wildlife:

On Sunday February 10
th on PBS (see local listings for time), a documentary film called Crash: A Tale of Two Species, will be aired for the first time.  This film, from the award winning documentary series Nature  and award winning film maker Allison Argo, details the intricate relationship between the red knot, a bird with one of the longest migrations on the planet, and the horsehoe crab, a living fossil whose eggs sustain the red knot’s migration.

On Monday February 11
th at 3.30 pm in Batsto Village, the state’s Marine Fisheries Council will meet to vote on whether to approve extending a moratorium on harvesting horseshoe crabs for bait beyond its initial two years. This moratorium is designed to allow the horsehoe crab population to recover to levels that will sustain the population of red knots that depend on it.
You can help.
You can:
o      Watch the movie on PBS on Sunday night.
o      Attend the meeting on Monday February 11th and let the Marine Fisheries Council know that you support the moratorium.
o      Forward this email to a friend.
o      Visit NJDEP’s website for information on the proposal. The link is
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