Red Knots @ Great Bay Blvd. WMA today!

From 4:15pm until 5:15pm (HT for Shooting Thorofare was 5:50pm) I spent my time at the beach that looks out on Shooting Thorofare at the end of GBB WMA, as well as out in the marshes. I was scanning the marsh to water edges with my binoculars, came across an AO pair of which I have seen every time out there. They can always be seen when you look to the east. The next thing I came across was a bunch of red heads & breasts peeking up from the bank. I set up my scope and sure enough it was a group of 18 Red Knots. They were joined by 1 Ruddy T. and a BBP. I watched the RK's for a good 30 min's, took some digiscope pix and shot some digital video.

18 RK's 5-23-06 (4:30pm - 5:00pm) 39 30'29.54"N 74 19'01.76"W


Red Knot Photo Album
Red Knot Video rk2
Red Knot Video rk1

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