Survey wk 2: GBB, Tu, May 9th, 2006

Today I was @ GBB WMA from 12:30pm until about 3:30pm. Very strong winds today with stronger gusts. Winds were E-NE. Little Sheepshead Creek HT 6:17am, LT 12:46pm. Shooting Thorofare HT 6:03am, LT 12:24pm. Today's counts found small groups at my most of my usual check spots (7-9 different areas along GBB) and 1 larger group of 250** Dunlin. Total counts today consisted of: 46 BBP's, 36 SBD, 260 Dunlin, 5 SPP, 2 SPS, 2 AO's and 1 Western Sandpiper. The 1 Western Sandpiper was with a group of 4 BBP's and 10 SBD all feeding on a mudflat along Big Thorofare by the "Sandbar" area.

Today was mostly a gray day with very strong winds so no video today and the digiscoping photography was pretty much a bust without good sunlight and the winds moving me as I tried to hold the dig cam steady to the birding scope. However it was a good day of birding with plenty of shorebirds to see.