Earth Day 2007! Green Up Everyone!

By now we've all seen newspaper and magazine articles, reports & TV specials on Greening Up and on Planet Earth! National Geographic and Discovery Channel have been running some amazing shows that everyone should watch! Hopefully most of you have seen An Inconvenient Truth, a movie that should be shown in every school and at home with the family. All of these can be great sources of information on what we can do to truly make a difference and not just talk about!

Here at our home, we've been working on "Greening Up" for quite some time now, a step at a time but definitely in a healthy and environmentally sound direction. We too have switched out our light bulbs to CFL's (Compact Florescent Light bulbs). We "power down" appliances, we check out our car's tire pressure weekly. 
The longer list of steps we have already taken have reduced our emissions by  11,112 pounds per year, 31 percent of our total emissions! 

Calculate your Carbon Footprint:

Everybody can do something "Simple", if you haven't already, that will make a difference and an actual impact! The impact is not just on the environment but your wallet (in a good way!) too! A good start is switching out your light bulbs to CFL's ... here are 2 links on CFL's, what they are & how to choose the right 1....

We hope you have found this information helpful and useful!

Thanks For Supporting Our Earth!