Survey wk 1: GBB, Tu, May 2nd, 2006

Today I was @ GBB WMA from 1:15pm until about 4:45pm. Sunny and warm (70's). Cool winds from the E-SE. Little Sheepshead Creek HT 12:52pm, LT 6:43pm. Shooting Thorofare HT 12:38pm, LT 6:21pm. Willets could be seen & heard along the entire Gr. Bay blvd. Overall shorebirds seen: 2 LYL, 4 AO's, 51 BBP, 2 SPP's, 5 Least Sndprs, 1 Ruddy T., 10 Whimbrels, 2000** Dunlin. The 2000** Dunlin has been the largest group siting of any species that I have seen in my years of surveying GBB (since Fall 2004). The 2000** Dunlin were 1/2 way between the last traffic light bridge & Rutgers' Research Station on the west side of Gr. Bay Blvd.


Check Back soon for some pix & vid's from this day's survey.