Survey wk 3: GBB Mon, May 15th, 2006

Today I was @ GBB WMA from 2:30pm until about 6:30pm. This afternoon & early evening was mostly sunny and warm. Winds were S-SW, changing to S by 5:30pm. Little Sheepshead Creek HT 10:26am, LT 4:43pm. Shooting Thorofare HT 10:12am, LT 4:21pm. Today's birds consisted of Dunlin, SBD's, BBP's, Least Sandpipers, SPP's, GYL's, AO's & a Ruddy T. Many areas throughout the GBB marshes had roosting mixed groups of: Dunlin, SBD's & BBP's (Groups of **170, **340, **50 & **200). Flying groups of unidentified shorebirds: **40, **20, **30.

Also of note: while scoping across Shooting Thorofare/Little Egg Inlet to the north end of Brigantine I saw what may have been 2 Red Knots. I could make out the BBP's no problem & what appeared to be Sanderlings running in & out with the waves coming up on the sandy beach. There were 2 birds that differed from the Sanderlings, easily visible that they were bigger than the Sanderlings and smaller than the BBP's. Reddish head, breast,sides, flanks and belly.

A photo album of pix from today's survey will be up later.

Below: A sleepy Least Sandpiper