Website Updated

Yesterday while sitting on the beach in OC, NJ watching small groups of Sanderlings feeding and a few being territorial I wish I had my digital video camera with me to capture the action. This made me remember that I no longer had my "Movies" page linked with the current temporary redo of my shorebird survey website. So I just took care of that! I have categorized the species movies into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter (according to when the movies were shot).

A new addition to the website is the "Shorebird ID Online References" page. This page lists the species from our shorebird survey forms and has various direct links to field guide/ species information websites. I find the websites helpful in addition to the various paperback field guides that I use, I take any help I can get with ID'n birds!

If anyone has any suggestions for additional resource links that aren't on "Shorebird ID Online References" page and or "Info" page please send me your links via the "Feedback Form".

Just a side note, I'm still in the midst of redoing the Shorebird and Other Photo Albums so most of the albums don't have photos right now.

*Please remember to refresh your browsers or clear the cache to view the newly updated website.

Thanks & Happy Birding!