Forsythe Thur., Feb. 14, 2008 & a February Osprey

Lots of cars cruising through Forsythe/Brig's today, guess the sunny weather brought people out.

It was sunny, 40's, breezy. I was out @ Forsythe from 1:15pm til 6:15pm.

My 1st bird of the outing was before I even entered Forsythe. I always stop @ the little 'bridge' on Great Creek Rd. right before Forsythe entrance. Perched in a dead tree was this osprey. See the link below for a slideshow of Osprey photos.

I did see a SEO way out in the East Pool, found it while scanning w/ binoc's & this was around 3:30pm. I saw several N. Harriers over the East Pool, NW Pool, NE marshes & the open field across from Jen's Trail. Also saw a group of 8-10 E. Bluebirds along Gull Pond Rd. A list of the species seen is @ the end of this post.


Species seen today:
Osprey (1, maybe 2 or same 1 twice)
YR Warb's
E. Bluebirds (8-10)
Car. Wren (1)
Amr Goldf's
GBH (8)
Hooded Mergs
Herr. Gulls
GBB Gulls
N. Harriers
Blk Ducks
CAN Geese
Snow Geese
SEO (1, maybe 2)
Dunlin (group of 5 & 1 solo)
RW Blkbirds
Song Sparr's (3-4 AT Jen's Trail)
N. Card (1 AT Jen's Trail)
A. Woodcock (1 heard on way out, the field past Exp. Pool Overlook rd.)