A Nice March Day @ GBB

I took advantage of today's nice weather and headed out to Great Bay Blvd WMA. I was there from 11:15am until 2:00pm. It was overcast with sun breaking through later on. A strong wind from the South and temperatures ranged from 60's to 70's later on. During my time out @ GBB the tide was heading out (Shooting Thorofare HT 7:03am/ LT 1:27pm; Little Sheepshead Creek HT 7:17am/ LT 1:49pm).

Overall not many shorebirds to be seen. 1 Greater Yellow-Legs was walking about in a marsh pool (just south of the last bridge). Each time it flew from spot to spot it would call out. The only other shorebirds to be seen today was 1 American Oyster Catcher flying across the water by the bay beach (Shooting Thorofare) and 2 American Oystercatchers that were walking about on an exposed sandbar just south of the Rutgers' Marine Research Station along Shooting Thorofare.

Other notables for the day were 60 Greater Scaups that were feeding and mixed in with Brant out in Tuckerton Bay. Also 7 Long-Tailed Ducks were feeding in Shooting Thorofare. I don't normally get out to bird for ducks so it was nice to see something different. I only wish I had a telescopic lens to capture some shots of the Long-Tailed Ducks.

I hope everyone has been able to get out w/ the nice weather and enjoyed the outdoors!