Eastern Meadowlark in our yard!

My husband & and I are fortunate enough to have almost 4.5 acres with a variety of terrain. We have a natural spring out back that runs a very narrow stream (3ft wide) which is basically surround by a cedar swamp. We have a few small vernal pools and 2 small marshes. We have several acres of open grassland. We have pines, oaks and some thicket type areas. So we are fortunate to see a wide variety of birds pass over, pass through and visit, and of course those that stay. Every year we seem to come across a species that we haven't seen here yet and today was such a day. From late afternoon til present time we have been watching a lone Eastern Meadowlark in our grassy field area. It has spent this time mostly feeding on the ground with the occasional perch up in a tree to sun and preen.

Click the links below for video and photos of today's visitor.
EM movie 1
EM movie 2
EM photos