Flash slideshow Forsythe on 11-05-07

I took a spur of the moment ride out to Brig/Forsythe on Monday (11-05-07) afternoon from probably 1:30 til 4:30-5pm. I think low tide was around 12pm that day. I didn't do any counts of shorebirds but there was easily thousands on the exposed mudflats in the various pools & water ways. The majority of the shorebirds were Dunlin. I saw a group of 7 LYL's & some of the Dunlin groups had SPS mixed in with them & a few BBP's. I also saw several N. Harriers cruising the grounds & 1 Merlin was nice enough to stay perched on a wood post while I took some pix.

Here's a collection of pix/species from that day....