Brigantine/Forsythe Jan. 10, 2008

Thur. Jan. 10, 2008, from 12:45pm to 4:30pm. 50's, gray/mostly cloudy, no winds. Brig. Ch. Hoffman Thorofare: LT: 3:47pm, HT: 9:43pm.


It never fails, as soon as I left the house to head to Brig's it clouded up. However it was a mild afternoon, no winds & around 50F. Lots of active passerines along Gull Pond Rd, esp. YR Warb's & GC Kinglets in the cedars. There were quite a few WBNh's & Downys in the same area. I also saw a Song Sparrow, Tree Sparrow & a Fox Sparrow all along the woodsy side of Gull Pond Road. The Snow Geese were in the thousands, always a treat to hear them. With it being low tide while I was out at Brig's, well lots of muddy ducks & Geese!

I took photos of most of what I saw... click the link below for the Flash Slideshow...

I saw a total of 30 bird species on Thursday. List is below...

Y-R Warb's (all over the wooded areas), Pine Warb., T. Titmouse, Amr. Goldfinches, N. Card., Song Sparr., Car. Chickadees, W-B Nuthatches, Downy Wdpkrs, Fox Sparr., Amr. Tree Sparr., G-C Kinglets, Gr. Blue Heron (8), Tundra Swan (1 flying), Mallards, Hooded Merg's, Pintails (100's), Blk. Ducks, N. Shovelers, R-B Merg's, Gadwalls, Ruddy Ducks (2), Brant, Snow Geese (1000's), Can. Geese, Herr. Gulls, R-B Gulls, GBB Gulls, Peregrine Falcon (1) & N. Harrier (1).